Company Profile

For more than 20 years Ozone Elite has brought nature’s healing into your home, being market leaders in ozone therapy their expertise have seen 100’s of ailments treated successfully, destroying germs, viruses and micro organisms in the air and the human body.

We are the leaders in the market and currently the only company in SA being regulated by the CSIR, SABS, NRCS and we have the EU standard on our machine which proves that we manufacture 0.05ppm ozone which is safe for pregnant women, newborn babies, granny, anybody can use our ozone.

Ozone is 3000 times more effective than chlorine in killing bacteria.

Not only does ozone build resistance and strengthen your immune system, with our system we now treat more than 240 illnesses like sinusitis, chronic fatigue, insomnia, cholesterol, blood pressure, heart problems, poor blood circulation, cramps in the legs, arthritis, back problems, sports injuries, diabetes, cancer, low immune system, people with stress, asthma, lung problems, colds and flu, and headaches just to name a few.

ozone destroys