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Anthony Delpech – South African Champion Jockey

anthony delpech south african champion jockey

@anthonydelpech I have now purchased my own Aqua Ozone therapy machine to try help with my nerve pains. Therapeutic use of water was used as early as Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese. Hydrotherapy is used all over the world for Spinal injury victims and sports injuries. It helps with blood circulation to the tissues. Ozone is active oxygen which should raise the cellular oxygen levels in my body. Holding thumbs👍 I will also be using the machine to “clean” my drinking water and breath in the dry oxygen!!!

Duane Vermeulen – WP and Springbok Rugby Player

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infections injuries & headaches testimonial
infections injuries & headaches testimonial
My leg was black from knee to ankle as a result of no oxygen. Doctors have told me that I was going to lose my leg and it will be amputated above the knee. I used the Ozone Elite and after only five minutes I felt a pins and needles sensation in my leg. I thought it was my imagination, but after feeling the sensation long after I had finished bathing, I knew I was going to be helped with this product.
Chris Venter – Bloemfontein
I have most definitely derived great benefits from the Ozone Elite. I suffer with Motor Neuron Disease. I lie on the mat for a twenty minute session every evening and it helps me to breathe. I use it every night when I go to bed.
Jeni Mager – Port Elizabeth